Paul Kirby

Paul Kirby, Operations Manager, is responsible for the Finance and Accounting departments.  As controller at SCi for 19 years, Paul sets financial objectives and oversees Purchasing, Regulatory and Business Operations.  He started his career with Motorola, building a background in business communications and knowledge that helped design the SCi infrastructure as a global leader in telecommunications.  He was instrumental in consolidating and simplifying multiple, complex billing and accounting issues into an easy-to-understand, single invoice platform.  Paul has driven our success in designing and implementing customized billing and reporting processes that provide invaluable time savings to our clients.

Paul received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Seattle University.  He resides in Kansas City with his wife, Tara and three children.  In his spare time, Paul loves to ski and travel with his family.  He is an avid runner, having competed in several marathons most recently the 2015 Dallas Marathon.

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